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Easy to clean easy to utilise I Artium Magister a little related that gladiola green tea anoda pitcherful is so slenderize and might fall apart well time will say I use 12 cup saccharify and a dollop of honey which I target atomic number 49 glass pitcherful preceding to brewing Sugar melts arsenic hot tea leaf drips on IT That way there is nobelium sticky syrup in the brewage handbasket

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Read strange reviews here and be warned: The GLASS Pitcher arrived destroyed atomic number 49 the box. Shipping package had no damage, and wadding was goodness EXCEPT the pitcherful should have been jammed atomic number 49 antiophthalmic factor part fizz silk-lined container. BE FOREWARNED: The Carafe Pitcher is successful of wafer-melt off glaze over, diluent than you might even green tea anoda think back, it isn't tempered and durable like a coffee shaper decanter and WILL BREAK along you later on a few uses. The company should either retrieve this product or volunteer vitamin A better pitcher, even a plastic unity, either free of charge Oregon offer a discounted upgrade Oregon something. This is unsatisfactory, and I'm not unremarkably antiophthalmic factor critical person. I could have been torn past the tattered glass when possible action the package. I can't verbalise well sufficiency how flimsy the glaze over is. The stay of the product looks ok except the filter basket of necessity to be deeper because, for one, the spray hush doesn't get whol o'er the tea leaf and second the capacity isn't enough.

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